Caleb + Sarah Celebrate Baby Levi : Holly, Michigan

I am so excited about baby Levi, I know he is going to be a brave, brilliant little man and I totally can’t wait to meet him! He is supposed to make his debut in early January and I hope and I pray I will be there for him and his momma when he is born! Sarah and I went to college together where we studied Interior Design, she told me I was pretty and I told her she had great style, we have been inseparable ever since. Sarah and I share a lot of similar interests including Interior Design, Photography, Shopping, Photography, taking photos of Interior Design, Sleeping, Photography, dreaming about Photography…you get the picture. I am going to see how she handles this whole no sleeping with an infant thing before I make any choices.. 🙂 When I went to WPPI 2011 in Vegas I got to meet Caleb and spend a week with the two of them. Caleb is a very brave man (why I think baby Levi will be too), who served our country as a Marine Sniper. He is the epitome of a southern gentleman and very fun to be around. I am so glad the Lord lead them to each other, they complement one another beautifully! Caleb and Sarah are going to be wonderful parents to Levi, it was a blessing to celebrate this new life that they will be welcoming very soon! Here are some shots from the shower on a perfectly hot July Michigan day!

Congrats you two! Many blessings on your new little family! I couldn’t be happier for you both and look forward to his arrival!