In the Beginning…

For a long time I have been an avid blog reader and I have daydreamed about lots of blog ideas. Well it starts today I enter this blogging world with excitement! I’m Chelsea and I studied  Interior Designer and Photography. I consider myself blessed to have found these art forms that I am very passionate about.

My company Reflectivity grew out of the ground like a beautiful flower that I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t know that it was under the earth where I was standing or that I was watering it, which is probably why the blossom surprised me. The truth is as I look back over the years I see so many things that lead me to where I am now. I only take a quick glance over my shoulder though because the present and the future are so bright.

I Loved film even at the age of 2.
All the doors I knocked on that didn’t open frustrated me at the time, now I see purpose and I am grateful. I love what I do and I hope you see that through my work and my blog.


This is my husband Shawn who I admire so much. He is an amazing man…his love and support keeps me going and makes everyday easier! Not to mention he is the cutest second shooter ever 😉
Doing what I love
 I love animals. Alot. This is a beautiful horse I photographed in North Dakota (a state I love with many people I love in it).  I look forward to many more blogs, sharing my art and thoughts with you internet! 

The final product



  1. Mona

    June 16th, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    I love this! I love to see the pictures that show that God had a plan for your life from the beginning that you just had to discover. Like the board we found behind the cupboards while putting on new counter tops. It was from when we built the house and you were keeping yourself busy while your daddy was working so hard. It showed you had an artistic eye even back then when you were three. The drawing of a church with people that used all your design space! Just like this picture of you holding film! I love it!!! I love you so much and am so proud of you and what God is doing in your life! Your Mom.